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Buying a property

If you choose Sardahousing for buying your property we’ll provide you with our services and our assistance in selecting the one that best suits your needs:

  • we’ll provide a detailed report on property state;
  • we’ll make a visit plan to the properties, so to receive and guide you carefully;
  • we’ll assist you in making your offer and in the negotiation;
  • we’ll provide assistance in the signature process of the bill of sale at the notary public;
  • we’ll provide consulting on tax and local laws so to purchase your new property safely.


Selling a property

If you choose Sardahousing for selling your property, you can take advantage of our services and of our assistance:

  • we’ll carefully survey your property, and then determine its valuation;
  • we’ll write a detailed description of your property, and show it with the best pictures;
  • we’ll promote your property on our site and on the major real estate websites both in Italy and abroad;
  • we’ll make a visit plan to your property, so to receive and guide the potential buyers in the best way;
  • we’ll assist in the negotiation;
  • we’ll help you choose the best technician to face issues regarding local laws and land registry;
  • we’ll provide the necessary multidisciplinary consultancy to sell safely.

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