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Posted by sarda on 21 May 2019

Inside Tiscali Mount there is a village where time seems to have stopped.

For Sardinians Tiscali is first of all the name of one of the most evocative and intriguing Late Nuragic settlements, which is hidden inside a huge natural cave, not easily accessible, in a very harsh and remote corner of the Supramonte Barbaricino.

The nuragic village Tiscali is composed of two groups of huts of different sizes, one consisting mainly of huts with a circular plan and another one where bases have a quadrangular plan.

The latter group shows that the village was also used in a later period, probably until the early Middle Ages.

Tiscali’s particular location and its water collection systems of dripping water let think that the inhabitants could take refuge inside it even for long periods and that therefore this site could have represented the extreme defensive bulwark against the raids of the invaders in Roman age.

Tiscali is one of the most popular destinations for hiking in Sardinia.

To reach the doline, you will have to face an intense trek for about two hours.

The route to discover a valley that is hidden in the bowels of the island is made really suggestive by the surrounding wild environment.

Coming from Dorgali the route to Tiscali village (marked by signs and arrows on the rocks) winds through the Surtana valley and the Doloverre gorge and climbs up to Mount Tiscali.

Photo Credits by Roberto Mura

In this area you will be directed to the archaeological museum of Dorgali
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