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Posted by sarda on 2 November 2022

Palmas Arborea, a village on the slopes of Monte Arci

Located on the slopes of Monte Arci, in the province of Oristano, in central-western Sardinia, Palmas Arborea (in Campidanese Sardinian language Pramas), is a village of about 1,500 inhabitants.

The local economy is based on activities related to agriculture and livestock. Among the leading products we find the vine, and the excellent and renowned wine, the Sardinian artichoke, citrus fruits and orchids.

The settlement was inhabited since the Nuragic era, as evidenced by the findings of obsidian tools found in Monte Arci area, and some megalithic complexes.

The old centre of the village, which is characterized by houses in raw clay bricks (ladiri in Sardinian) is gathered around the parish church of Sant’Antioco Martire, the patron saint of the village who is celebrated on several occasions of the year with events with the songs and dances of the Sardinian tradition.

As to nature beauties, some areas are worthy of mention: the hill of volcanic origin Monte Arci, which is much appreciated by hikers, and the small body of water of the Pauli Majori pond which, together with the Santa Giusta pond, offers hospitality to various species (such as the mallard, the coot, the purple heron, the flamingo, the sultan, the rusty hunchback and the little egret): a real paradise for birdwatchers.

The hamlet of Tiria

Surrounded by the cultivation of vines and citrus fruits, at short distance from the Torre Grande beach, Tiria is a hamlet of the municipality of Palmas Arborea just six kilometres from the provincial capital Oristano, located between the Santa Giusta pond and the municipalities of Simaxis and Villaurbana.

The territory of Tiria is flat and is mainly used for agriculture and grazing. The village of Tiria, which gravitates around the church of the Beata Vergine Maria, is a quiet residential district where you can enjoy nature, peacefulness and the food and wine specialties of the Campidano of Oristano.

Photo by Comune di Palmas Arborea.

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