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Dorgali, a microcosm of all the island’s peculia...

It is one of the largest municipalities in Sardinia with a variety and landscape beauty such as to represent almost a microcosm of all the peculiarities of the island.

Oschiri, medieval village

In an area of ​​animal husbandry and viticulture, Oschiri remains essentially a land of breeders and farmers, with a decent industrial sector in the food and dairy sectors.

Tertenia, a fascinating synthesis of mountains and sea

Tertenia is a village with an agro-pastoral tradition populated by almost four thousand inhabitants

San Sperate, art and nature in the southern Campidano.

San Sperate, a place where art and nature are magically linked.

Quartu Sant’elena, the third largest city in Sardinia

Quartu, meeting point of the different cultures in Sardinia, has a rich and interesting gastronomy background that combines the intense flavours of the agro-pastoral tradition with the refined Mediterranean culture.

Iglesias millenary traditions and dream beaches

Iglesias millenary traditions and dream beaches Iglesias is a continuous and surprising discovery: millenary traditions, uncontaminated territory, dream beaches and ancient mines, now museums. This historic town is in the south-western corner of Sardinia, 200 m above sea level about 8 km from the coast. Iglesias, populated by 25 thousand inhabitants, as well as a bishopric, heir to the ancient diocese of Sulcis, is …

Porto Paglia: verdant limestone cliffs

Oasis for all lovers of relaxation in nature, romantic atmospheres and for lovers of sea sports.

Selargius: great center and centuries-old traditions

Eighth most populous city in Sardinia, Selargius and its centuries-old traditions.

sardegna foto aeree

Sardinia aerial photos

In questa pagina potrete trovare informazioni dettagliate su sardegna foto aeree

Dolianova, Pars Olea and the cultivation of the olive ...

Dolianova is an important center for the cultivation of vines and olives and for the transformation of derived products.

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