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Cagliari and its Districts

Cagliari, a fascinating city that offers a unique combination of culture, history, natural beauty and a vibrant energy.

Church of Abbasanta

Abbasanta, a strategic area of ​​Sardinia

Important center of Barigadu which owes its name to the ancient belief that its waters had healing properties

Palmas Arborea, a village on the slopes of Monte Arci

Palmas Arborea, a town whose local economy is based on activities related to agriculture and livestock.

Lungomare Dorgali

Dorgali, a microcosm of all the island’s peculia...

It is one of the largest municipalities in Sardinia with a variety and landscape beauty such as to represent almost a microcosm of all the peculiarities of the island.

Oschiri Church Nostra Signora di Castro

Oschiri, medieval village

In an area of ​​animal husbandry and viticulture, Oschiri remains essentially a land of breeders and farmers, with a decent industrial sector in the food and dairy sectors.

panoramica Tertenia

Tertenia, a fascinating synthesis of mountains and sea

Tertenia is a village with an agro-pastoral tradition populated by almost four thousand inhabitants

San Sperate, art and nature in the southern Campidano.

San Sperate, a place where art and nature are magically linked.

Quartu Sant’elena, the third largest city in Sardinia

Quartu, meeting point of the different cultures in Sardinia, has a rich and interesting gastronomy background that combines the intense flavours of the agro-pastoral tradition with the refined Mediterranean culture.

Iglesias millenary traditions and dream beaches

A city with a glorious past which is witnessed by the numerous churches and religious traditions, in shapes and colors of the Spanish tradition.

Porto Paglia: verdant limestone cliffs

Oasis for all lovers of relaxation in nature, romantic atmospheres and for lovers of sea sports.

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