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Posted by sarda on 6 June 2019

Villanovafranca, a center of medieval origin in the heart of Marmilla

Villanovafranca, 260 m above sea level, is a small village of about 1500 inhabitants which is located in the centre of southern Sardinia, in the newly Province of Medio Campidano.

Set in a dominant position on the characteristics rolling hills of the high Marmilla, on the border with Trexenta, the village boasts in its territory the presence of numerous settlements and archaeological sites that are related primarily to the proto-nuragic and nuragic periods.

The village’s economy is typically based on agricultural and pastoral activities. Of particular importance is the cultivation of durum wheat and olive groves, of vines, of almond trees and of the precious saffron with the DOP certification.

Well known are also the cakes produced with the almond paste. Lately the economy is being diversified with activities such as agritourism, bed & breakfast, and promotion of local products and cultural tourism.

Of particular value and pride for the citizens is the realization of the “Museo Civico Archeologico Su Mulinu”, with adjoining restoration workshop, which brings together the most significant finds in the municipal area, particularly of the nuragic site “Su Mulinu”.

Inside the museum, in addition to a reproduction of a life-sized nuragic sacrificial altar, there is a tactile path for the blind.

Another site of particular interest to visitors is the “go-kart track San Lorenzo.”

With its track of over a kilometre, the longest in Sardinia, also approved for national and international races, it is a strong attraction for sports fans and motoring enthusiasts, karting formula in particular.

Still in progress, but in an advanced stage, we have to mention the project of the “Archaeological Park Su Mulinu”, with facilities of stables for horses and sports facilities for clay pigeon shooting with adjoining hunting path.

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